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and I cupped you like ink
spilling over the table
as you dripped off the edge
I tried to catch you
but as you stained them
you slipped
through my fingers
splattering across the floor
like Icarus
longing for the sky.
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Mature content
Pussy :iconwolfofsummerbreeze:wolfofsummerbreeze 2 0
A story about... me.
In fifth grade I found myself shuffled into a new school like a card from another deck that had been picked up off the floor,
And during recess, with the bustle of students surrounding me like a foreign hive, I broke down and cried until the sun dried my eyes and my insides,
To this day there is a shriveled part of me that remains forever lodged inside my heart curled around the wounds that came from caring too much about what others think of  me,
Because I am a Man
But when I was boy my peers thought that because I didn't act like they did that I was a girl
as though being a girl is somehow less than human
as though caring about others was wrong
as though loving others was wrong
In kindergarten, I kissed every single girl in my class on the cheek
because I thought they were all beautiful
and I was punished for it every time
In highschool I thought that I needed to hide the parts of me that stuck out, so I tried to shove them back inside me until, without realizing it, they came o
:iconwolfofsummerbreeze:wolfofsummerbreeze 2 0
The Growing Struggle
Do you think I don't see?
All those things aren't helping me.
I can't make all the effort,
You have to meet me halfway.
All these things you want me to be,
You think I need them.
I don't, so stop worrying,
I'll forge my own path,
I'll learn from My mistakes,
It's half the fun.
It's part of life.
All I ask is that you,
Stop every once in a while,
And see me as the child you raised.
I might be more grown up now,
But I still need recognition,
As a person who doesn't want,
To waste their life away.
Who wants to be their own person.
You can teach, but I'll decide,
What I'll use your lessons for.
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Mature content
Overdue Reciprocation :iconwolfofsummerbreeze:wolfofsummerbreeze 2 4
Mature content
Overdue Reciprocation :iconwolfofsummerbreeze:wolfofsummerbreeze 0 0
Oh Captain
Oh Captain
"I'm a Captain!" she proclaims proudly, her hands landing on her hips, elbows extended, feet spread apart. "Didn't I tell you?" Her grin belies the fact that she knows I'm confused. Perhaps she grins because I am confused.
A Captain? Of what? Well, a ship, knowing her. Still, there are many captains. Captain Ahab, who sought out the giant white whale, is the first to come to mind, though I've never read Moby Dick. The comparison is almost funny. He is, in my mind, a white-haired, old, coarse, potentially scarred, gruff, cold-eyed, muscled, imposing beast of a man. Lee is a short, brown haired, young, un-muscled, glasses-wearing, warm-eyed, kind-looking, soft, fairly skinny, wimpy, gamer-girl. The only similarity I can think of is that they're rough around the edges.
So she's definitely no Captain Ahab. She's no Captain Crunch either, though I have no doubt that she would be "all up in that wall-busting business. Like the fucking Kool-Aid man." Maybe Captain Hook? She'
:iconwolfofsummerbreeze:wolfofsummerbreeze 3 4
Darkness Water Light Fire Wind by wolfofsummerbreeze Darkness Water Light Fire Wind :iconwolfofsummerbreeze:wolfofsummerbreeze 0 0
THE GAY AGENDA as witnessed
1) Wake up.
2) ... We're working on #1 still. Preferably in the shower.
3) Complete #1, maybe with the use of coffee.
4) Eat food.
5) Go to work.
6) Make sure your dressed before you step out the door. If so skip # 7.
7) Get dressed. Nice clothes are good, but not required. Clothes ARE required.
8) Get to work on time.
9) Work like everyone else and don't starve yourself. Lunch is important.
10) Go home and feed your cat. Or dog. And yourself. Try not to sink into depression if you're lonely.
11) Try to amuse yourself. Maybe with friends, maybe with a boyfriend or potential one, maybe neither.
12) Go to sleep.
:iconwolfofsummerbreeze:wolfofsummerbreeze 3 4
Mature content
Overdue Information :iconwolfofsummerbreeze:wolfofsummerbreeze 5 10
Mature content
Overdue Explanation :iconwolfofsummerbreeze:wolfofsummerbreeze 4 47
INDECENCY by wolfofsummerbreeze
Mature content
INDECENCY :iconwolfofsummerbreeze:wolfofsummerbreeze 3 17
Melting In
He's out at three am in his car, driving.
Maybe that's a good thing, because driving helps him think and maybe somewhere between the light pollution flooded cloudy skies and the cold hard icy blacktop he can find himself.
But it doesn't even matter because his brain is haywire with thoughts of 'what-ifs' and 'if-thens' that he can barely actually drive. He's not stupid enough to touch alcohol, but for once in his life he wishes he was.
He's out driving at three in the morning because the snowplow would fine him if his car was in front of his house, on the street, and his neighbor's driveway has his neighbor's girlfriend's car in it.
His hands on the wheel are cold even though the heater isn't broken and he thinks that it might be him-he's broken.
He finally turns back to his street to find it still unplowed and is about to continue on when he sees that the sleek black Chevy is no longer accompanied by the smaller dull gray Ford.
He turns his lovingly abused red pickup into the unoccupi
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It's Dangerous to go Alone by wolfofsummerbreeze It's Dangerous to go Alone :iconwolfofsummerbreeze:wolfofsummerbreeze 1 18 An Echo: Redefining by wolfofsummerbreeze An Echo: Redefining :iconwolfofsummerbreeze:wolfofsummerbreeze 0 0 J.A.L.: Those missing half by wolfofsummerbreeze J.A.L.: Those missing half :iconwolfofsummerbreeze:wolfofsummerbreeze 1 4

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Chains and Wings ~J
United States
Current Residence: fanfiction dot net
Favourite genre of music: uh... not metal or rap.. good music from people who can ACTUALLY sing
Favourite style of art: Manga.. almost anything
Operating System: uh windows XP
MP3 player of choice: iPod nano(wrimo)
Shell of choice: the magic kind
Wallpaper of choice: wolfofsummerbreeze.deviantart.…
Skin of choice: preferably male and smooth and tanned and *drools a lake*
Favourite cartoon character: presently: Sena (eyeshield 21) ans Tsuna (Hitman Reborn)
Personal Quote: Am I making any coherent sex?
That everyone who I disagree with about an opinion they have either believes it to be an argument or turn it into an argument? Do I just come across as this stuck up "I know better" type of guy? When someone gives me their opinion, I give my back. Sometimes my opinion is in conflict with theirs or undermines theirs, yeah. It doesn't mean I'm right. What it does mean is that I'm trying to express my opinion to someone who I think will find it as interesting as I find theirs. It's a get-to-know you better exercise, not a debate!

Also, what's up with all the sensitivity over words these days. I get that they can hurt. I do. I personally hate the word fag and cringe internally every time someone uses it. Sometimes I cringe externally too. But while I hate it, I know I can't stop people from using it, and as long as I know they're not using it offensively? It's fine. Sometimes it's funny! And sure, bitch isn't a nice word, but when I say "whiny bitch" or "healer bitch" or "you're being a bitch", I'm not trying to propagate male superiority or anything anti-feminist. In fact, I don't put a gender on bitch. I use it like I use bastard and asshole. Bastard is someone who personally offends me, either going out of their way to do so or by violating my personal ethics. Asshole is a person who I think is doing something to other people that should offend or endanger those other people. Not that I'm always thinking that when I use them. I use bitch for someone who's either making a big deal of something (drama llama), someone who is holding other people back when they shouldn't be, someone who is being unjustly sad or angry (and yeah, sometimes I just think it's unjust, but I'm not perfect), or someone who is "someone's bitch" (IE: gopher or submissive in sex). I generally only use the last one in term of the healer characters in video games who aren't given an active role (and sadly usually female, though I call the boys this too), or actually in reference to dom/sub sex acts. There are occasions where I use it lightheartedly. Like with characters who have depressing backstories? Sometimes I say they're being a moody/whiny bitch because the character is mentally stuck on the wrongs done to them, often when it's not healthy or appropriate to do it. And yeah, that's making light of a serious issue, but I'm not some asshole who uses the word to be cruel or make their issues seem like nothing. I'm making light of the situation, or I'm just annoyed that the person hasn't grown up and done something about it yet. But it's really not cool when I use one of these words and someone who is my friend says they don't like the word and not to use it. I mean, fuck, that's it? Okay, I could respect that if you gave me an explanation, not just leaving it there ominously so I'm afraid to ask why lest you blow up at me! It's part of my ability to express myself, something that's a part of me, so asking me to change that deserves an explanation, right? Why are you even taking it personally when it's not directed it you?

And back to the opinions thing? If you want me to back off, ask nicely. No cagey bullshit. I will ignore cagey bullshit and dancing around the issue and you subtly telling me you don't want to discuss it. I will ignore that like a battering ram with the doors of the castle being you're issues. Don't say "I have controversial opinions" and expect me to take that to mean "I have been arguing about my opinions to people and I'm tired of it and I think you're going to turn a conversation about them into an argument because you couldn't be someone who just cares about what I have to say and wants me to care about what you have to say", because I really won't take it like that. To me, the only opinions worth talking about are ones potentially controversial.

Okay, I am all out of fucks to give. If you actually read this far you get a free kiss with tongue next time you see me in person. I'm out.
  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: Interwebs
  • Playing: Skyrim


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